View a slideshow of the Valley Carver's carvings

Wood Carvings

Carving of a horse pulling a wagon and of a bird on a piece of driftwood
Several carvings by the Valley Carver
Carving of a Norton motorcycle
Carved sign at the entrance to the Valley Carver's Shop
Carving of two horses pulling a wagon loaded with logs
Carving of a riverboat

Custom Work

Please note, I am no longer taking commissions for custom work.

Custom relief carved sign
Custom carving  with a beaver over the numbers of a street address
Custom coat of arms for the County of Renfrew
Plaque with a relief sculpture of a red fox
Custom relief carving of a tree

Garden Whimsies

Garden decor - carving of a ballerina
Garden decor - carving of tiny man placed in a potted plant

 Garden decor - Carving of two smiling sea monsters
Garden decor - red and white toadstools
Garden decor - carving of a white bird
Garden decor - carving of a hummingbird